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What is a keratin treatment, and is it for you?

Updated: May 2, 2023

What is a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a fantastic way to straighten hair while adding shine and reducing frizz which is perfect for the summer months when humidity and frizzy hair peak. A keratin treatment is the safest and least damaging way to add luster and smooth hair by sealing the cuticle of your hair. In the past, if you wanted to get rid of curls, you could either iron your hair or use a curl relaxer which, although it would last longer, the chemicals were far more damaging to your hair. Because relaxers are more permanent, the roots of your hair grow in with curls. A keratin treatment loosens curls and fades out over three months.

The back woman with long, shiny, smooth hair from a The back woman with long, shiny, smooth hair after a keratin treatment

What are the benefits of a keratin treatment?

The perks of keratin treatment are straighter, polished-looking, more manageable hair. The added protein adds a protective layer around the cuticle of your hair, making it stronger and reducing breakage and split ends. Another benefit is that the treatment will lock in and brighten color if you have color-treated hair. However, coloring your hair before a keratin treatment is essential. We recommend adding it on to your hair coloring appointment.

Can anyone benefit from a keratin treatment?

Just about anyone can benefit from a keratin treatment. The results are most significant for thick, curly hair, but the treatment also adds luster to straight or wavy hair. We don't recommend it for those with fine, thin hair because it will make your hair too flat and lose the appearance of volume. Don't get a treatment if your hair is over processed, We also recommend against getting a keratin treatment if you are pregnant.

What is involved in the process?

It takes quite a bit of time. Generally, a full keratin treatment takes about two to three hours. If you have very long, thick hair, plan on three hours. The express takes about an hour, but the touch of keratin takes very little time.

The process for a keratin treatment at Hairspray salon looks like this:

• Your hair is shampooed, and no conditioner is applied.

• The product is applied to your hair.

• You go under the hood dryer for 15-20 minutes till it's mostly dry.

• A flat iron is used to seal the product into your hair in small sections at a time. The flat ironing is the most time-consuming part of the process.

The Express Treatment process is about the same, but the hood dryer is not used.

With A Touch of Keratin, we spray the product onto your hair. It's combed through, then blown dry.

What are the potential risks associated with a keratin treatment?

For a properly trained stylist like the stylists at Hairspray Salon, the risk of side effects is minimal but may cause eye irritation in some people during the flat ironing portion of the treatment.

Although keratin treatments are far safer and less damaging to your hair than hair straighteners, there is still a small risk of potential side effects ranging from eye irritation to nausea. There is some concern about formaldehyde, but tighter oversite and restrictions have led to minuscule amounts used in the process. Beware of formaldehyde-free products because some release carbon monoxide instead, which is more dangerous and will leave your hair smelling bad for a week. Think wet dog smell.

That said, we advise you only to have a keratin treatment no more than four times a year. If you add too much keratin to your hair, it will have the opposite effect.

How do I make the results last as long as possible?

Here are some hair care tips after a keratin treatment so it will look fabulous for as long as possible.

  • It is imperative to avoid getting your hair wet for 48 hours.

  • Wait to put your hair up until your first wash. Putting your hair up will cause your hair to bend and prevent your hair from staying smooth.

  • Wait until your first wash before using hairspray.

  • If you color your hair regularly, wait several weeks before coloring your again. The keratin seals your hair and will prevent the dye from absorbing into your hair cuticle. If color is applied too soon after a treatment, it forces the cuticles to open again, causing your hair to frizz and look worse.

  • Salt removes keratin, so skip your workout till after you’ve washed your hair. There is salt in sweat.

  • If you plan to swim especially in salt water, add a thick layer of conditioner to your hair to help prevent it from absorbing salt water or chlorine. If you don't have conditioner available, wet your hair with tap water first.

  • Avoid shampoo and other products with sodium chloride.

Spring is the ideal time to get a keratin treatment to protect your hair from summer humidity that causes frizz. If you color your hair, add a Keratin treatment to seal in and brighten the color! Just be sure to wait before getting your hair wet or bending your hair in any way.

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