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Let's Talk About Summer Hair

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

In the summertime, living is easy but it's not always easy on your hair. Chlorine and being in the sun for hours can be hard on your locks. But, we have some products that can help revitalize your hair without draining your wallet. Love swimming, but not the damage it inflicts on your hair? We have a fantastic product for you! Malibu C Swimmers Wellness shampoo and conditioner will protect your hair from discoloration and keep it looking healthy, soft, and glossy!

Some other tips to keep your hair looking lovely.

  • Wet your hair and use a leave-in conditioner before getting in the pool. The conditioner will create a barrier, and since your hair will already be wet, it won't be able to absorb the pool water.

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming.

  • Use a Wet Brush so as not to damage delicate damp hair.

  • Let your hair air dry.

  • Use a heat protector like Lanza Smoothing Balm if you need to blow dry your hair.

  • Use a hair sunscreen protectant. Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Defense is a fantastic product you can get at most drugstores.

Summertime fun includes spending time with family and friends at the pool. Follow these tips to keep your hair looking its best all season!

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